There has never been a better time to become a cycle commuter – improved cycling infrastructure in cities like York means that cycling to work can be a reality.

More and more employers are offering the Cyclescheme too – the Government backed initiative to encourage working adults to swap their car commute for a cycling one. By providing a tax exemption on the purchase of a bike and/or accessories, riding a bike is now even more affordable. You’ll save at least 25% on the purchase price and you can use the scheme to purchase almost any item you need to cycle to work: bike, lights, lock, helmet, clothing.

The wide range of bikes that Bikewright has access to ensures that you will be cycling to work on a bike that suits you, and your commute journey – road, cyclepath, or bridleway.

Cycling to work has obvious health benefits but there’s also the impact on your wallet – driving is expensive, and if your commuter bike becomes a replacement for your second car then you could save £1,000s.

To bike to work – visit Bikewright on Shires Bridge Business Park, Easingwold, and talk to us about getting started with the right bike using your Employer’s Cyclescheme.