Bike Fitting with Cyclometrics

We are extremely lucky to be linked with Paul Smith of Cyclometrics.

Paul Smith is a fully qualified and accredited professional bike fitter for Cyclometrics and the Regional Representative of the International Bike Fitting Institute. He has professionally fitted a wide variety of riders from those buying their first bike to world champions.

He has worked in sports and events for many years and spent time with Middlesbrough Football Club as a development coach, York City Academy in their centre of excellence .

He is a Gym Instructor, Kinesiology Taping provider for Rock Tape and as a Biomechanics Trainer is one of only five UK based providers of gebioMized pressure analysis.

Dynamic Bike Fitting

Cost: £150

This is the most popular option takes place at a registered Cyclometrics Fit Centre or at the comfort of your own home and is ideal for those cyclists looking to optimize their comfort and eliminate any aches and pains whilst cycling.

It takes approximately 2 hours.

Off bike postural analysis, flexibility and leg length.

Rider on bike video analysis – pedalling, posture, seat and handlebars.

Saddle pressure analysis – using Professional Level analysis software. One of only five pro level systems within the UK.

Bike adjustments – matching the bike to riders goals to achieve a unity of motion.

Exercise instruction – for improving cycling and general mobility.

A bike geomtery chart is provided as a record of the fit.

A more detailed report including before/after screenshots and pressure analysis can be purchased post fit for £10. This is in the form of an email PDF.

Bike Set Up

Cost: £60

Ideal for cyclists who have recently purchased a new bike..

Dynamic video analysis to determine optimum position.

Cleat alignment and set-up.

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